Our Impact On Others - Acquaintances

People may or may not remember what you did or said, but they remember most how you made them feel.

Our impact on others - Acquaintances ... Help or Harm

I added the Help or Harm now because it is apparent that there really is no grey area there. We either Help or Harm all those that we encounter. We help when we acknowledge. We hurt when we ignore. After all, we are all in this together.

Acquaintances are the people that we see regularly and interact with. They can be a friend of a friend, a cashier, a waiter, your manager, a co-worker, and others. They are not people that we make plans to be with, though we may seek their service over their co-workers.

Still, you should greet them like a friend, get to know their name, maybe engage is some small talk, but most of all, you should say something complementary. Make their day!

Have you ever noticed that when you learn one of these acquaintances name and use their name when you greet them and otherwise address them, how the level of service improves exponentially?

You may not think of all your neighbors as friends, but you still should treat them like friends and look out for them.

I saw a mention from the Gospel of Matthew 5:46-48, that we need to love all as God does, friends and enemies alike. Forgive all.

If you really want something to use as a measure, walk a mile in their shoes. You don't know their background, their heart, their goals and aspirations, or their fears. Remember the 2nd Great Commandment: Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

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