Birth Of A Story

Back Story: This occured following a Grief Support Group meeting, 14 months after my wife died. Lourdes, grieving the loss of her husband, and I conducted in the stead of the groups organizer. I had a 15 mile drive home, through Indian Trail, Stallings, and Matthews into Charlotte. I didn't want to take the more direct, faster route, and opted for a more scenic, heavily wooded route.
Following is the message that I sent Lourdes.



On my drive back home, the unexpected happened. Since we talked about things like this, I thought that you would like to hear it. I took a slightly different way back, exiting 485 at E. John St. instead of Independence. Crossing Pineville-Matthews Road, I recalled an incident when, at Jacquies urging, she and I tried to rescue a dog there that seemed to be a stray, and could possibly get hurt. That got me thinking about writing something about Jacquies love for animals and I thought of the deer that we often saw around Colorado Springs. Well, I didn't like the traffic on Monroe heading back home so I turned left onto Sardis Road North and hadn't gone more than one-half mile when to my left in a small field, I saw two deer, just standing there, watching traffic or whatever.

This is called synchronicity, but I still think of it as me expecting the unexpected. So, I think that I have my first story of Jacquie to write about.


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